Boltrack™ Connector


Boltrack connector is a robust and reliable interconnect solution. It features high power and signal performance, small form factor, field termination, EMI shielding, lightning protection and resistivity to over voltages. Boltrack connector comes in 4 pair right angle board and plug mating combination.

  • Superior signal integrity and resistivity to surge voltage
  • High power delivery capability
  • Small form factor with 4 additional pins option
  • LED, press-fit and pin-in-paste options for board connector
  • Plug with dual beam contacts and 4 point IDC

In an era of hyper connectivity, Internet of Things (IoT) calls for more Power over Ethernet (PoE) enabled devices on the network. Besides this, PoE market continues to expand as increased power levels support broader range of powered devices. There is a growing demand for higher power delivery of 100 Watts plus over the four pair ecosystem. At the same time, prolific data growth demands connectors with good signal integrity performance. Boltrack connector enables best in class power and signal performance.



  • Telecom
  • Base Station/Ethernet Radio
  • Video Surveillance IP Cameras
  • Heated Cameras
  • Video Conferencing
  • POS Terminals
  • Video IP Phones
  • Security Cameras
  • Router
  • Thin Client Workstations
  • BlueTooth Access Points
  • Network
Industrial & Instrumentation
  • Industrial
  • Building Infrastructure
  • Machine to Machine Interface
  • Access Control
  • Home Automation
  • Digital Signage
  • Lighting
  • Door Interlock Systems
  • Imaging
  • Monitoring
  • Analyzers
Want to know more
  • Meets Cat 5e, Cat 6 for signal integrity and ANSI requirement for clearance and creepage distance
  • Superior signal integrity and surge resistivity
  • Small form factor interface and with 4 additional contacts loading option
  • Double the density of RJ45
  • Dual beam plug connector contact
  • Reliability and no arcing damage on contact resting position

  • Current rating of 1.5A/contact
  • Supports PoE+ and PoE++ standards

  • Board header with press-fit and pin-in-paste options
  • Suitable for wide range of assembly process
  • Wrap around shields, LED option, high temperature resin
  • Ideal for wide range of applications and environments
  • Four point contacts for plug IDC termination
  • Ensures positive termination to cable
  • Low cost and lightweight hand tool for IDC process
  • Easy to handle field terminations
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