Backplane Connector

Addressing the continuously increasing demand for higher network bandwidths and data transfer rates, AFCI’s backplane connectors feature the highest bandwidth capabilities—ranging from up to 5Gb/s (Metral® High Speed) to 56Gb/s (ExaMAX®) —for applications in networking communications and data equipment, and industrial and instrumentation, including supercomputers, control and medical equipment.

AFCI’s backplane connectors have a wide range of card pitch and connector sizes, and come with the highest connector density compared to other similar products in the market. The simple block designs enable engineers and designers to quickly populate new designs with standard modules, while the connectors’ consistent form factor allows forward and backward compatibility between AFCI’s backplane connector families. This innovative design allows the same building blocks to be used for many generations of equipment — minimizing design investment needed for upgrades or new systems.

AFCI’s range of backplane connectors includes ExaMAX®, AirMax VS®, AirMax VS2®, AirMax VSe®, XCede®, XCede® HD, Zipline®, DIN, HPC, Metral® and Millipacs®.

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