AirMax VS® Backplane Connector

AirMax® family of connectors address the industry needs for high bandwidth applications requiring a scalable migration path to 25Gb/s data rate. This innovative edgecoupled connector utilizes a shieldless design with an air dielectric between conductors. AirMax® technology delivers signal densities up to 63.5 differential pairs per inch while exhibiting low insertion loss and low crosstalk, allowing signals to scale differential signals up to 25Gb/s.

Breaking the dependence on metal shields to accomplish excellent high speed electrical performance also provides incredible design flexibility. Individual contacts in a connector module are able to be allocated to differential signal pairs, single-ended signals or low-level power as dictated by the system need. The standard 2.0mm column spacing can be easily increased to 3.0mm enabling signal traces to be routed on a board layer, trading some signal density for reduced layer count and lower board cost for those applications that do not demand maximum signal density. The AirMax® system also provides flexibility in the number of differential pairs per column to address card slot pitch, connector profile or airflow requirements.

AirMax® extensive product variations accommodate a wide range of industry standard applications commonly used in backplane, midplane, coplanar, mezzanine, Cable-to-Board, and orthogonal midplane architectures.


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