Airmax VS® Orthogonal


Since the emergence of orthogonal midplane system architecture, more communications equipment designers are adopting this packaging scheme to accomplish direct, efficient connections between multiple line cards and a common switch or communications card. Vertical daughter cards on one side of a midplane have a direct connection to horizontal add-in cards on the opposite side of the midplane. The orthogonal solution eliminates long, complex traces, via stub effects, simplifies signal links and reduces backplane layer count.

FCI has developed high density and performance connectors that meet designer’s requirements for up to 20 Gb/s using 72 crossover pairs in a 25 mm card slot configuration.

Flexible connector design also enables designers to allocate connector columns to backplane or power wafers for product customization. Tools have also been included to assist the designer.                    

Target Markets/Applications
  • Switches
  • Routers
  • Networking equipment
  • Servers
  • Storage systems

Features & Benefits


Enable orthogonal midplane system architecture

Provide a direct connection between vertical line card cards and horizontal switch or communications cards on opposite sides of a midplane

Provide capability to support 16 differential pair crossovers in a single module

Headers install back-to-back and at 90° to each other

Header signal pins share vias to provide a direct connection, eliminating the need for connecting traces

Halogen-free connectors aid efforts to minimize the use of environmentally sensitive materials

Use the same power and guide modules as backplane or midplane applications

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