Airmax VS® SBB

The Storage Bridge Bay (SBB) Specification, targeted at low and midrange storage, provides requirements, guidelines and reference information to ensure compatibility between a storage enclosure controller slot and storage controllers from a variety of independent vendors. The specification defines the mechanical and electrical interfaces between a storage controller and the midplane within a storage enclosure.

Any bridge/controller card supplied in accordance with this specification will be compatible and accommodated within any storage enclosure slot designed in conformance to the SBB specification. Examples include JBOD interface bridges and RAID, iSCSI SAN, Fibre Channel SAN or NAS controllers.

AirMax VS® high-speed signal connectors, guide modules, and power connectors meet the dimensional and electrical requirements for the Storage Bridge Bay Midplane Interface (SBBMI) to connect bridge/controller cards to the midplane in a drive enclosure.


Data Storage
  • Low and midrange storage systems conforming to the Storage Bridge Bay (SBB) Specification, Version
  • Storage enclosures with up to 48 drives
  • 2 Gb/s and 4 Gb/s Fibre Channel or 3 Gb/s SAS signal profiles
  • Controllers conforming to the SBB Specification Version 1.0 or 2.0
  • Canister power profiles up to 200W
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Features & Benefits


Innovative shield-less design and air dielectric between adjacent conductors deliver lowest insertion loss and crosstalk
High-speed serial data rates can scale from 2.5 Gb/s to 12.5 Gb/s without requiring redesign of a basic platform
Opposed dual-beam receptacle contact structure provides high reliability
Contains no interleaving shields reducing connector weight, cost, and PCB routing complexity
Compact 2x2 power connectors provide capacity for up to 20A/contact
Rugged guide modules offer ESD grounding option
Keyed guide modules differentiate between 2 Gb/s and 4 Gb/s Fibre Channel and 3 Gb/s SAS signal profiles
Low-profile designs helps facilitate airflow through canister for cooling
Compatible with Hard Metric design practice
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