DIN Headers & Receptacles

AFCI offers a broad and a complete range of interconnection systems conforming to DIN 41612 and IEC 603-2 specifications. DIN 41612 connector systems are the most popular backplane interconnect systems due to the widespread standard adoption, easy availability, cost-effectiveness and durability.

The product design for Board-to-Board and I/O solutions involve two popular mating combination; Standard Mount and Reverse Mount.

These connectors are available in up to three rows and 96 positions with Solder, Press-fit and Pin-in Paste terminations. AFCI offers three standard performance class options as follows: DIN class I (500 operations); DIN class II (400 operations); DIN class III (50 operations).

Primary market segments include Industrial, Telecom and Data.


  • Medical
  • Lighting
  • Process Control
  • Transportation
  • Instrumentation
  • Vehicle electronics
  • Energy transmission/distribution control
  • Switching/Routing
  • Enterprise
  • Transmission
  • Access - wired/wireless
  • Servers
  • Personal Computing
  • Peripheral devices
  • Home entertainment
  • white goods
  • phones
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  • 2.54mm pitch
  • Adequate spacing for routing PCB traces
  • Modular system
  • Standardized and cost-effective solutions
  • Selective loading pattern for contacts
  • Improve creepage distance, allow custom loading
  • FMLB/LMEB contacts
  • Critical grounding option
  • Wide range of accessories (board-locks, latches, shrouds, hoods, keys)
  • Enhances the connector suitability and flexibility
  • Rear plug up variants in press-fit applications
  • Extended mating applications via shrouds on the rear side of the PCB
  • Types of Connectors


    Style C
    Style C/2
    Style B
    Style B/2
    Style R
    Style R/2
    Style Q
    • Headers and receptacles available for the above types
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