High Pin Count Backplane Connectors

The HPC connector is a traditional backplane interface providing rugged mechanical and electrical performance. It enables 3 and 4 row daughter cards to the backplane interface. On board connector guiding and keying are available to control and discriminate daughter-card engagement with the backplane card slot.

The HPC connector compares with competitive High Density Interface (HDI) 4 Beam and Twin Beam Connectors (TBC). The square posts and formed signal contacts provide rugged mechanical interface and excellent electrical performance, while the receptacle contacts offer high reliability and low mating force.

Even though standard connector sizes range from 30 to 600 positions, custom configurations are also available, with signal or power contacts.

Primary markets served include Communications and Enterprise Systems, Industrial and Instrumentation, Medical Systems, Military Electronics, etc.


  • Communications & Enterprise Sytems
  • Industrial & instrumentation
  • Medical Systems
  • Military Electronics
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  • 0.025mm square posts and formed signal contacts
  • Rugged mechanical interface

  • Excellent electrical performance
  • Press-fit and solder tail options
  • Design and PCB assembly flexibility
  • Connector sizes range from 30 to 600 positions
  • Satisfies a variety of applications
  • Custom signal or power configurations
  • Allows custom configurations
  • Types of Connectors


    HPC Vertical Headers
    HPC R/A Receptacles
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