Millipacs® R/A Headers

Millipacs® Hard Metric Right Angle header Modules are available in all popular versions - Type A, B, C, B19, B22, AB22 and AB25 with shielding row option.

A variety of pin layout configurations are available to support PCI modules for standard form factors.

The system is designed for applications requiring co-planar board-to-board connection within the normal Hard metric environment. When used in conjunction with Right Angle Receptacles, this system is suitable for Extender or Test Card designs. In addition to co-planar design, these Right Angle Headers can also be used in applications that require an industrial Backplane. Vertical receptacles can be used in place of Vertical Headers on the Backplanes and Right Angle Headers are used on the Daughter Cards. Right angle header connectors are provided with cable latch lock feature which allow mating to receptacle cable connectors which extends the usage to input – output applications.

Right angle Hard metric (HM) connectors are targeted on the communication and I&I segments and for applications like Plug in Unit, Embedded computer, CPCI racks and Highend router.


Telecom & Datacom
  • IP
  • Internet backbone driving high bandwidth requirements
  • LAN / WAN interfaces & data over public networks
  • Core Switches
  • Routers
  • Hubs
  • Hub stations
  • Base Stations
  • Servers
  • Storage units
  • Transmission
  • Access Systems
Industrial & Instrumentation
  • Embedded computers
  • Compact PCI racks
  • Test - equipments, e.g. IC test units
  • Medical e.g. Ultrasonic equipments
  • Avionics e.g. video units; control units
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Millipacs right angle connectors are offered in Types A, B, C, B19, B22, AB22 and AB25

Housings are with cable latch lock feature

Custom contact loading patterns are available

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