Xcede® High Speed Backplane Connectors

XCede® connector platform is designed to provide headroom for high-speed, serial data rates demanded by data centers and service provider networks. The use of polymers in a resonance-damping shield enables low crosstalk across a wide frequency range.

XCede® connectors also address requirements for high linear signal density at the backplane and daughter card interface. Complementary guide and power modules are also included in the product range. An organizer can be used to combine groups of right-angle signal, guide and power modules establishing an integrated daughter card connector or monoblock.

The XCede® backplane header system provides ruggedness and long-term reliability required by today’s systems. The wide ground contacts feature a stiffness-enhancing rib and are advanced ahead of the signals for robustness and signal pin protection.

  • Wireless
  • Switches
  • Networking
  • Access
  • Transport
  • Servers
  • Storage Systems
  • Medical
  • Test & Measurement
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Features & Benefits


High-speed backplane system
Resonance dampening shield aids in reduction of crosstalk resonances
Two ground vias between differential pairs allow elongated anti-pads to improve impedance control
Optional short compliant pins permit deeper back-drilling and dual diameter vias to enhance return loss performance
Intermate electrically and mechanically interchangeable equivalency as a licensed second source to Amphenol TCS
Daughter card monoblocks combine signal, guide and power modules to simplify board application


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