The InfinX high-speed mezzanine connector system is designed to meet the needs of up to 25Gb/s application. The combination of multiple stack heights (10mm to 42mm) and multiple sizes (5, 9 & 15 columns) utilizing 100Ω or 85Ω differential matched impedance design allows for optimal design flexibility while yielding low loss performance < 1dB @10 GHz and very low cross talk < 40dB up to 20GHz for the largest single aggressor by using “Resonance Dampening” technology.

Licensed from Amphenol-TCS, intermatable, electrically and mechanically interchangeable secondsource to ATCS InfinX.


  • Transmission
  • Access
  • Switching
  • Optics
  • Networking
  • Servers
  • Storage
Industrial & Instrumentation
  • Industrial controls & equipment
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Features & Benefits


Up to 25 Gb/s differential pair performance
High density: 17 (4 pair) to 26 (6 pair) differential pairs per linear centimeter, or 44(4 pair) to 66 (6 pair)   differential pairs per linear inch, which allow for optimization of board space and signal requirements
Proven ball grid array (BGA) termination for process friendly attachment
"Resonance Dampening" technology for exceptionally low crosstalk and resonances
1.15mm x 2.3mm BGA interface pitch optimizes routing and electrical performance
85 Ohm and 100 Ohm impedance
Offer 4 & 6 Pair modules and 5, 9,or 15 columns
4 pair stack heights range from 15mm to 35mm. 6 pair stack heights range from 10mm to 42mm
Can be selectively loaded with wafers optimized for high speed differential, single-ended, and power
“Stubless” low mating force interface. No free standing pins or blades
2mm contact wipe
Polarized design assures proper mating of the connector
RoHS compliant
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