DensiShield® Highspeed Cable Connector

AFCI’s DensiShield® I/O system is designed to support the transmission of high-speed, serial differential signals, while taking customers equipment packaging requirements into consideration. Combining high density, mechanical robustness, and ease of PCB assembly with excellent shielding and signal integrity performance means that system designers no longer have to compromise.

The DensiShield® connector is built around a wafer system employing a differential pair construction where each pair is shielded from the adjacent pair and the adjacent wafer. The 8-pair connector is ideally suited for 4 bi-directional channels working at >2.5Gb/s, similar to Infiniband or XAUI links, but can also perform at much higher data rates.

The DensiShield® connector’s design for long engagement and low profile not only allows for more compact cable routing in systems, when compared to other high speed cabling systems, but it is also capable of being used in dense system designs whose board-to-board spacing is as low as 15mm.

The connector can also be configured to handle low-speed signals and power and is also available in selectivelyloaded versions, thereby allowing system designers to benefit from the density and robustness offered by this connector system in I/O applications that do not require high-speed signaling.


  • Switches
  • Routers
  • Base Stations
  • Servers
  • Storage Systems
  • Base stations
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    Features & Benefits


    8-pair connectors can be mounted side by side on 12.5mm pitch enabling multiple I/O ports along a card edge
    Robust strain relief with short cable exit enables close spacing between chassis panel and cabinet   door or wall
    Low vertical profile allows use in systems having 15mm pitch card slot spacing
    Low crosstalk between differential pairs with controlled 100-ohm impedance to match 100-ohm  shielded pair cable
    Crimp ferrule system reliably terminates EMC shield of cable to connector covers
    Robust EMC shield to chassis panel termination with shielding down to PCB level
    Signal ground is isolated from EMC ground
    SMT reflow-compatible PCB connector
    Dual-beam contact system provides redundancy and long term reliability
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