Smart Card

AFCI Smart Card connectors across the world are implementing a variety of health, social security, and ID card schemes. The banking and finance sector is continuously looking to extend the reach of “chip and pin” debit and credit cards. Add to these the ubiquitous SIM card and an ever-growing list of applications including payment terminals, set top boxes, vending machines, and access control systems, etc. Despite the diversity and dynamism of the market, AFCI Smart Card connector applications are characterized as straightforward in terms of their basic designs and technologies.


  • Data
  • Consumer
  • Industrial
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  • SMT and TMT availables
  • Suitable for automatic reflow process or Suitable for Wave soldering
  • Low profile and different stand off availables
  • Flexible design
  • Polarization Feature available
  • Correct Orientation of SIM card
  • Blade switch (Normally closed) present
  • Enable card detection
  • With Built-in retaining clips (board locks) available
  • Helps for Easy assembly on to PCB
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