SCFF Transceivers

AFCI’s SCFF optical transceivers TRX08GVP2540 for 2G/4G/8G FibreChannel applications & TRX10GVP2040 for 10G-Ethernet and Fibre Channel applications are built to a small cubic form factor (SCFF) that maintains compliance to the SFF-8431 interface standard while requiring 40% less PCB real estate vs. standard SFP+ transceiver systems. Its 11pin electrical connector supplies the electrical connection and a robust EMI cage encapsulates the entire assembly in order to assure proper EMI shielding compliance.

The assembly includes a 2 wire serial interface similar to I2C interface and power supply. It is RoHS 6/6 complaint per Directive 2002/95/EC and laser safety class 1 compliant per IEC/CDRH. The sub watt power consumption and the compact size enables hardware system designs with high port density.


  • Data Center
  • Switching
  • Industrial
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Features & Benefits


Small Cubic Form Factor (SCFF) – 40% less PCB space needed vs. standard SFP+ systems
11pin electrical interface
Complies with 2G/4G/8G/10G FC & 10G Ethernet
Digital diagnostic through 2 wire serial interface (SFP+ compatible)
SFP+ compatible SFI high speed electrical interface
Low power consumption at <0.5W (typ.)
Transmission of up to 300m over OM3 MMF
0°C to +70°C case operating temperature range
850nm VCSEL laser
Duplex LC connector
SCFF is UL certified for use in Low Power Systems (LPS)
Laser safety class 1
RoHS 6/6 compliant
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