Pwr TwinBlade® Cable Assemblies

The Pwr TwinBlade® cable system is designed to support applications that demand the supply of high power. The Pwr TwinBlade® connectors employ a proven contact system in a touch-proof design that is capable of supporting currents of up to 100A per contact. The new sensing contacts can be used to eliminate the potential for damage from hot-plug conditions.

The new sensing contacts function as an “electrical” coding to ensure proper mating. Several other features also ensure proper mating such as; an active latch, four different coding options, and polarization. This design provides capability for termination of various cable diameters and wire sizes of 2 x 6mm2, 10mm2, 16mm2 and 25mm2.

The system consists of cable connectors in orientations of straight or right angle cable exits mating to a right angle board connector.

Cable assemblies terminated with Pwr TwinBlade® connectors are now available and can be customized to any length.


  • Server
  • Data Storage
  • Telecom & Datacom
Industrial & Instrumentation
  • Industrial Controls
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  • Up to 100A per twin power contact without exceeding a 30°C temperature rise in still air
  • Serves mid and high current applications, supporting >140A per linear inch
  • New sensing contact added for hot-swap functionality
  • Eliminates potential damage from hot-plug conditions
  • Integrated latching design
  • Minimize connector and cable footprint
  • Polarized housing and coding design
  • Ensure proper mating
  • Straight and right angle cable exit options
  • Supports various customized needs at customers' end
  • Recessed touch-proof contacts on both mating halves
  • No risk in handling while energized
  • Meets safety agency requirements
  • High voltage contact spacing
        - 300V with sensing contacts
        - 600V without sensing contacts
  • Overall small size for a 600V connector
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