PwrBlade® Cable Assembly

The PwrBlade® cable connectors are designed to mate to PwrBlade® right-angle or vertical board-mounted headers. By expanding beyond board-to-board applications, designers can now connect power supplies and power distribution subassemblies in a wider range of applications. The combination of cable connection capability with AFCI’s proven PwrBlade board-to-board system provides a universal power distribution connector system.

AFCI’s PwrBlade® connectors are available in squeeze-torelease form factors for applications that require active latching and in panel-mount configurations for modular installation of large power distribution systems.

The PwrBlade® power distribution connector system provides both power and signal contacts to enable power distribution and power control in a single connector. Initially developed to enable the implementation of Server System Infrastructure (SSI) Standards for Distributed Power Supplies (DPS), Mid-range Power Supplies (MPS) and High-end Power Supplies (HPS), PwrBlade connectors are also available in wide variety of other configurations. The connectors can also be customized to address unique application requirements.


  • Data
  • Telecommunications
  • Datacom/Networking
  • Power supplies
  • Servers
  • Storage enclosures
  • Communications equipment
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Features & Benefits


48A/individual power contact; 30A/contact for 10 adjacent contacts at 30°C temperature rise in still air
Right angle board connector enables front I/O applications
Vertical board connector enables power distribution to mid-board components
Panel-mount option or squeeze-to release latches are available to accommodate various system configurations
Supports multiple wire sizes including 8 - 14 AWG wire for power contacts and 22 - 26 AWG for signal contacts
Power contact spacing options exist for AC (300V max) or DC (200V max) power
Provides power contacts for power distribution and signal contacts for power control
Number and placement of power and signal contacts are highly configurable for custom power needs

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