We continuously innovate to address the growing demand for miniaturized components. Expect the best features from our FFC/FPC connectors, ranging from 2.54mm to 0.21mm fine pitch.
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  1. 0.20mm Flex Connectors
    0.20mm Flex Connectors
    Amphenol FCI offers the 0.20mm pitch Flex Connector with a very low profile and opportunity for PCB... VIEW DETAILS
  2. 0.21mm HFMK Series (Non-ZIF FPC)
    0.21mm HFMK Series (Non-ZIF FPC)
    LOW PROFILE AND COMPACT HFMK Series FPC is a 0.21mm pitch Non-ZIF FPC that is lowest in height... VIEW DETAILS
  3. 0.30mm Flex Connectors
    0.30mm Flex Connectors
    Amphenol FCI offers a full range of 0.3mm pitch connectors for applications where board space is at... VIEW DETAILS
  4. 0.40mm Flex Connectors
    0.40mm Flex Connectors
    The SFGL series 0.4mm pitch connector offers a high pin count with a small... VIEW DETAILS
  5. 0.50mm Flex Connectors
    0.50mm Flex Connectors
    Amphenol FCI has one of the broadest ranges of 0.5mm flex circuit connectors in the... VIEW DETAILS
  6. 1.00mm Flex Connectors
    1.00mm Flex Connectors
    Utilizing 1.00mm contact spacing has become an economical way to terminate displays as well as make... VIEW DETAILS
  7. PV® Crimp
    PV® Crimp
    The innovative PV® crimp-to-wire system connects discrete wire to printed circuit boards. High... VIEW DETAILS
  8. High speed FPC
    High speed FPC
    High speed FPC (Flexible Printed Circuit) is a connector with capability to transfer data rates up... VIEW DETAILS
  9. Duflex Flex Connectors
    Duflex Flex Connectors
    Duflex™connectors represent a low cost and reliable solution for terminating FPC/FFC and... VIEW DETAILS
  10. Clincher Flex Connectors
    Clincher Flex Connectors
    The Clincher™ 0.1" (2.54mm) pitch connector family includes single-row pin and receptacle... VIEW DETAILS
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Results 1-10 of 44

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